Tuesday, 29 May 2012

REVOLUTION - trailer / bande-annonce

Extract from // Extraits de REVOLUTION ( 5min 35)

An existential fable, a man in search of himself on a symbolic quest to reach the unreachable star...

Une fable existentielle, un homme en quête de lui-même, un voyage initiatique vers l'inaccessible étoile...

A Film by / un film de : Cécilia Pepper
Music / musique : Trygve Nielsen


MJ said...

Herrow, I finally saw Revolution at the grad show and it was great!! The soundtrack was beautiful and I love the shot where the boy's balancing on the tree branch. Have a great summer dear and see you in Volda latraa xo

pepper said...

Thank you Meredith! It was not the full version though.
See you in Volda soon!