Thursday, 19 November 2009

Anim in the wind

Le best-of, l'inédit, l'intégrale de la pepper animation... : )
Joan Baez à la guitare...


hollietree said...

what a marvellous flag wave my dear! can't wait to see the rest :) (and yes, i finally found your blog, yay)

pepper said...

cool :) thank u ! what about your blog, i can't open it ?

FrancisKelleher said...

Awesome. The sack... the 'friend' that haunts your dreams. Forgive my use of a translator; I have yet to grasp the language to this degree :P

Combien de drapeaux un homme animé, avant que vous doit-il lui appeler un homme?

When I've lost my sanity, and I stare at my desk;

'Like a Flag Wave in the Wind'

Goodbye Mr. Flag,
Though I only briefly knew you
You had no grace to hold yourself
While those around you bounced
They sackdropped out of the woodwork
And they walkcycled into your brain
They set you on the peg bar
And they made you change your speed...

Anonymous said...

I have finally pulled myself away from my film for a minute to check out your blog. Your animation is very strong, especially for a 1st year. You have certainly nailed timing and spacing of your drawings. Keep it up, hope to see you soon!