Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New


Siggelicious said...

Godt nyttår:D
i didnt find another way of contacting you so ill just write you here, HOW IS NORWAY??? You must tell me everything! Write a blogpost!:)
Also, you have to know that my boyfriend's band is playing in Volda the 27th at a place called Rokken! They are warming up for the famous norwegian band Kvelertak!:D Not quite your music maybe but i thought it'd be good to know in case you get bored!
Also, if you meet any of the 1st year animation girls, look for a tiny brown-eyed girl with short wavy brown hair and a big smile, named Margrethe. she is very lovely and friendly :)
- greetings from the flatimon Sigrid
ps. je t'aime your drawings!

pepper said...

It's all great !! SUPER BRA!! lots of snow : ) and welcoming people. Tusen Tak Sigrid for your message, i will definetly go and check them out. Norway post is coming i went drawing today in 5° only ! ^^