Friday, 14 January 2011


The library, where I study Norwegian. Snakker du Norsk ?
La bibliothèque, où je me mets au Norvégien.
Room with a view ! La vue de ma fenêtre:


Mark Asafu-Adjaye said...

nice drawings, what is norway like?

pepper said...

Hey Mark!
Thanks for writing me!
I didn't know who Markey2D was, until you put your cool photo! : )
Volda is fantastic, it's all so great there! I can't sum it up in just a few words...a part that its great and different from anything that i've ever seen! i'm meeting great people too! :D i'll post more drawings soon!
Your blog is really nice, i like your paintings, your style is coming !
post some more!
xx how is bournemouth ?
see you Markus!

Mark Asafu-Adjaye said...

that all sounds great pep! bournemouth is just the same old stuff really . things are just getting busier on the films, but nobody is really panicking yet.
have a great time. Speak to you later.x